About us

We are the world's first global Dogecoin exchange operating in several countries.
Our exchange is made up of people who work every day focused on behalf of their customers, striving for excellence and offering the best service in the world.
We believe that the results we provide to our customers are our total responsibility, we strive to improve what is already excellent, after all, an artist never sees his work finished.
We try to do it as teachers, but with the humility of the eternal apprentices, we try to do the best because we believe that this is the moral principle of all history.
As the poet says: Success is born out of desire, determines and persists in reaching a goal. Even if they do not reach the goal, those who seek and overcome obstacles cause less admirable things

Dogex was created in 2022 by Dogex Team, aiming to further strengthen this cryptocurrency world, which already has more than 1 billion of investors worldwide.

Dogex was created with a great objective, to bring security and activate the Dogecoin community.
Over the years, several altcoins, tokens and new cryptocurrencies have emerged, but as communities have divided.
With Dogex, the most traded altcoin lovers in the world can have their coins in one place, being able to trade their dogecoins with other assets such as: Bitcoin, USDT and more.
We respect all encrypted assets on our exchanges and, for this reason, we demonstrate opportunities to several encrypted ones that record all types of listings.

History of Dogecoin.
Dogecoin (code: DOGE, symbol: D and D) is a cryptocurrency with dog Shiba Inu as its logo. It was first introduced as a "currency coin" on December 6, 2013, and Dogecoin quickly created its own online community and earned a capitalization of $ 60 million in January 2014.
The initial idea for the creation of Dogecoin came from Australian digital marketing analyst Jackson Palmer, who was already curious about the cryptocurrency universe.
In an unpretentious way, Palmer announced its plan on social media and an online forum on subjects, suggesting that Dogecoin would be the best cryptocurrency ever launched.
Accept the discrimination of the meme, have an idea well received by users, that gain thousands of followers on the official pages of Dogecoin in the first days.
The project also won the collaboration of American Bill Markus, who at the time studied the Bitcoin code to create new cryptography in the future.
When learning about a Palmer initiative, Markus can select to join this proposal and help develop cryptography.
From the beginning, Dogecoin's goal has always been very different from other major cryptocurrencies on the market, which has gone through a great rush in search of its financial statistics.
With a very liberal and pro-social philosophy, a cryptocurrency inspired by the Doge meme was born from the attempt to promote a more popular ideal on the web, without so much competition and difficult imposition for success.

Our mission, vision and values.

To be a greater exchange of credibility in the market encryption movement, offering the best solutions for our customers.
Be a world leader in purchasing and selling with full responsibility.
Trust, respect, humility, integrity, honesty, transparency, practicality, reliability and respect for all beliefs.

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